statistical significance

Petitions in science?

Hardwicke TE, Ioannidis JPA. Petitions in scientific argumentation: Dissecting the request to retire statistical significance. European Journal of Clinical Investigation. 2019;49 10.1111/eci.13162 [open access].

"One perspective on scientific argumentation states that it is irrelevant who has made an argument; it is the substance of the argument that is of primary importance"

Again on ASA II

Mayo D. On Some Self-Defeating Aspects of the ASA’s (2019) Recommendations on Statistical Significance Tests (ii) [blog]

"In what ways does it make the situation worse? Let me count the ways. The first is in this post. Others will come in following posts, until I become too disconsolate to continue"

⭐️ ASA II: Don’t Say What You Don’t Mean

Mayo D. The 2019 ASA Guide to P-values and Statistical Significance: Don’t Say What You Don’t Mean [blog].

On the ASA II update

Haig B. The ASA’s 2019 update on P-values and significance (ASA II) [blog]

"The claimed benefits of abandoning talk of statistical significance are hopeful conjectures"

Against statistical significance

Amrhein V, Greenland S, McShane B. Scientists rise up against statistical significance. Nature. 2019; 567: 305-307.

Should we retire statistical significance? Read
Deborah Mayo before deciding!

In gentle praise of significance tests

Sir David Cox on the p-value controversy (video). I recently gave a talk on p-values directly "quoting" this video.

⭐️ Cargo-cult statistics

Stark PB, Saltelli A. Cargo-cult statistics and scientific crisis. Significance. 2018;15:40-43. 10.1111/j.1740-9713.2018.01174.x [html]

"They [practitioners] invoke statistical terms and procedures as incantations, with scant understanding of the assumptions or relevance of the calculations, or even the meaning of the terminology"

Wondering what is
cargo-cult science ?

Abandon statistical significance

Amrhein V, Trafimow D, Greenland S. Abandon statistical inference. Peer J Preprints. 2018

"We reccomend that we should use, communicate, and teach our statistical methods as being descriptive of logical relations between assumptions and data, rather than allowing specified generalized inferences about universal populations".